Terms, Privacy and Security

Last updated: Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Privacy policy for end-users of Naer

1 General

Cohere XR AS ("Cohere XR") provides Naer, which is a virtual reality-based software for use in companies ("the Software"). The Software allows users to arrange and participate in virtual workshops. Cohere XR is dedicated to maintaining the privacy of users of the Software. Cohere XR processes certain personal data as the data controller, which means that we determine the purpose of processing this personal data. Cohere XR is responsible for processing and storing your personal information in a secure manner. We, therefore, implement technical and organizational measures that are sustainable for ensuring that the treatment is in accordance with legislation. Note, however, that other third parties may be the data controller for processing other information. If you for example have gained access to Cohere XR through a company you are affiliated with, the company will be responsible for processing for most purposes, while Cohere XR will be the data processor on behalf of the company. If you want more information about how third parties process your personal information, you can read more about this in the relevant third parties’ privacy statement. This statement ("The privacy statement") describes how we process your personal information and which rights you have as registered. Personal information is all assessments or information which can be linked to individuals. You can send us an email to contact@naer.io at any time if you have any questions about privacy or wish to exercise your rights as registered.

2 About the collection of personal information

2.1 Purpose of the processing

Cohere XR processes personal information for the following purposes: Administration and access to the Software.

Cohere XR processes personal information to manage your access to the Software, which means creating a user to give you access to a virtual workshop, to notify you that you have been invited to participate in workshops, and to give you the opportunity to store your content in the Software. Improvement and development of the Software. Cohere XR processes personal data to analyze how users utilize the Software, and how users’ activity level is (for example through sensor data), so that we can improve and develop the Software. For the record: We do not store audio or video in the Software.

2.2 Which personal information we collect

Cohere XR processes the following personal information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Company- and team-affiliation
  • Visitor statistics
  • Usage pattern

2.3 Processing basis

We process personal data on the basis of the following processing basis:Eligible interests. We create and manage user accounts to give you access to the Software and process user behavior information in order to develop and improve the Software, based on our eligible interests. Our assessment is that the processing is necessary for purposes related to our eligible interests and that these take precedence over your privacy.

2.4 Storage of personal information

Your personal information is only stored for as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose of the processing. When it is no longer necessary to process the personal data, we will delete it, unless storage is required by law.

2.5 Sharing of personal information

In some cases, we share personal information with our subcontractors, such as cloud storage service providers, who are engaged by us to provide services. These subcontractors process personal information on our behalf and only in accordance with our instructions. In order to retain and secure your personal information, we always enter into data processor agreements with our subcontractors. All processing of your personal data takes place within the EU/EEA unless otherwise stipulated in the data processor agreement.

3 Your rights

When we process personal information about you, you are registered. As a registered user, you have the following rights as a starting point:

Right to access. You can access personal information and information on how we process it.

  • Right to correction. You can ask us to correct incorrect personal information about you.
  • Right to erasure (the right to be forgotten). You can ask us to erase your personal information, which we will respect and follow. - Right to limitation. You can ask us to limit the processing of your personal information.
  • Right to protest. You can protest against the processing of your personal information.
  • Data portability. You can ask us to provide the personal information to you or others in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.

Please note that exceptions to the mentioned rights may apply. For example, we may not disclose personal information if it violates the duty of confidentiality, or if we are required by law to store the information. If you wish to exercise your rights as registered, you can send us an email at contact@naer.io. In order for us to be able to make sure that you are who you claim to be, we may ask you to identify yourself.

4 Contact information and complaint

If you wish to complain about our processing of personal information, you can contact us by email (see below) or to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. Contact information for the Norwegian Data Protection Authority can be found here.If you have questions about how we process your personal information, you can contact us at contact@naer.io.

End-user terms for Naer

1 General

Cohere XR AS ("Cohere XR") delivers Naer, which is a virtual reality- software program used in businesses (the “Software”). These user terms (the “User Terms”) apply to every user of the Software. With “user”, “you”, “they” means end-user, which means anyone using any issue of the Software. Use of the Software requires you to consent to the User Terms. By giving your consent you accept the User Terms and to use the Software in compliance with these terms. Cohere XR recommends that you thoroughly read through the User Terms before using the Software.

2 Cohere XR’s commitments

The Software offers companies innovative solutions for training, engaging and taking care of employees and customers. The Software lets you connect to virtual workshops, where you can interact with others and use different smart functions. The Software is offered “as-is”, meaning that Cohere XR does not warrant that the Software at any given time will be flawless, available, updated or without system flaws. Cohere XR implements measures to ensure the safety of the Software. Cohere XR is not responsible for any loss of material, destruction, viruses, attacks, disturbances or hacking. Cohere XR reserves the right to freely make changes and improvements to the Software.

3 Use of the Software

3.1 Acceptable use

By accepting the User Terms you accept: a. to not transfer, distribute, sell, publish, make derived works of the Software or in other ways violate Cohere XR’s or third parties intellectual property rights; b. to not download or in other ways generate content that is offensive, harassing or illegal; c. to not use the Software in a way that violates any local, national or international legislation; and d. to not obtain wrongful access to, introduce viruses to or hack the Software, or act in any other way that is damaging for the Software. You are responsible for using the Software in accordance with the Software guidelines from your employer or others who give you access to the Software.

3.2 Safe use

To ensure the safety connected to your content and your user account you shall not disclose any password or give access to the Software to unauthorized people.

3.3 Breach

Cohere XR can immediately suspend or terminate your access to the Software if you breach any provisions in the User Terms. If Cohere XR has reason to believe that you have acted in violation of the User Terms, Cohere XR has the right to implement reasonable measures to protect our own and possible third party interests. Cohere XR reserves the right to delete user-generated content which is in violation of the User Terms. Cohere XR is nevertheless not committed to monitoring user-generated content.

4 Intellectual property rights

Cohere XR is the owner and licensee of all the intellectual property rights that appear from the Software unless otherwise specified. You consent to respect Cohere XR intellectual property rights, meaning that you shall not transfer, distribute, sell, publish, make derived works of the Software or in any other ways violate Cohere XR’s intellectual property rights«Intellectual property rights» means copyright, patents, trademark, domain name, trade secrets, design, concept, music, graphic, relevant interface and other forms of registered or non-registered rights. Users of the Software own and keep all their intellectual property rights to user-generated content.

5 Licensing rights

The user license gives you a non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable right to install and use the Software. Cohere XR keeps ownership of all intellectual property rights that are found in the Software. Cohere XR does not transfer any property rights to the Software to users or others. The user license only applies to the right to use the Software for training, entertainment or co-creation purposes (workshops/meeting activities), unless otherwise specified in the agreement with Cohere XR. Your user license ceases when the User terms end or is suspended, or when it follows from a separate agreement with Cohere XR. Your access assumes an underlying corporate agreement, for example by a business you are connected to that has bought access to a section of the Software.

6 Privacy

Cohere XR treats personal information to the extent permitted by applicable privacy laws. See our Privacy Statement for more information about how Cohere XR handles your personal information.

7 Compensation and liability

To the extent permitted by law, Cohere XR is not responsible for: a. Indirect loss, special losses or consequential damages; b. Loss of income, profit, expected savings, contracts, reputation or business loss. Cohere XR is nevertheless responsible for intentional or grossly negligent acts or omissions.

7.1 Indemnification

Cohere XR is not responsible for the content that the user uploads, creates or saves in the Software, including that the content is permitted by law and does not violate any third party rights. To the extent permitted by law, you consent to keep Cohere XR, our licensors and subcontractors free of all loss, expenses, damages and costs that follow a breach of the User Terms.

8 Changes, termination, and dismissal

Cohere XR has the right to make changes to or replace the User Terms, for example as a result of new legislation, new technology or changes in our business model at any time. Any updated versions of the User Terms will be available at https://naer.io/document/terms-privacy-and-security. Any significant changes in the User terms will be declared before implementation. If the changes in User terms demand new consent, then this will be obtained before the changes will have a binding effect on you. Users can stop using the Software at any time.

9 Choice of law and venue

These User Terms are subject to Norwegian law. Disputes that arise in connection with Cohere XR or the User Terms, shall be settled by the Oslo district court.

10 Contact information

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us through email at contact@naer.io.