Growth Hacker Marketer

Growth Hacker Marketer

Help people think better together. That’s our goal.

We’re creating a collaboration platform for workshops, that happens to be in VR/AR. Have you seen Harry Potter? We’re building the Room of Requirements for flow state collaboration.

Here’s what we believe.

Creating flow requires delight in every aspect of our product. We need super simple-interaction design, which is definitely not a solved problem for VR and AR. We need high performance features that don’t sputter and cough to break your immersion. We need playful and friendly visuals, taking people to a place of focused imagination, rather than a dreary grey corporate office knock-off.

Complements are better than replacements. No one should spend their full day in VR. Life’s too good for that. Instead we’re making integrations with tools like Miro and Figma, that help people transition in and out of VR when it makes sense. Like switching from your computer to your phone and back again.

Looking forward, there are so many interesting opportunities to reframe what great collaboration means. Everyone thinks they’re great at teamwork, while most really aren’t. Engagement analysis could help people lead better workshops. Some people work better at night, while others work better in the morning. How does setting the time of day affect the way people interact? With Naer you can experience the difference.

Warm, clever people with healthy ambitions

We’re looking for people who care. Care for each other, care about what we’re doing, and who care about getting somewhere. If you’re clever, comfortable making decisions with others and a good person, that’s pretty much it.

We’re a small team, and will be for a while. We think that’s a good thing. Think of what Notion did, but for collaboration. We can stay small and still make something brilliant.

What’s in it for you?

  • An opportunity to help teams get into a state of flow on demand. To shape new ways of being creative, thinking together and collaborating with a wide spectre of new technologies.
  • A competitive startup salary and healthy stock compensation package, with monthly vesting after a six month cliff.
  • Great modern offices at Majorstua, surrounded by other great startups (we call it “the jungle”).
  • The option to work from wherever. Oh the irony if this wasn’t the case.
  • A fancy pair of colorful Crocs and great, great merch.

About this role

We're a design driven company. Meaning we believe in people first. Therefore it doesn't matter what role you have, you will still learn from our customers and engage with our community.

Other than that, we honestly haven't had time to write out the details of each role in our company, but here's an overview:

  • Growth Hacker / Marketer (someone who can conceptualise - or even build - mechanisms of growth into the product, run A/B-tests, and lead our growth and retention strategy. While we have brand guidelines, experience with copy writing helps)
  • Designer (UX/UI, service- and business design for web & VR. Don’t worry though, 3D-modeling skills are just a bonus. We use Figma, paper drawings and whatever else we need to convey meaning within the team. Experience with UX-writing and design systems is important.)
  • Web & backend developer (”full stack”, except you know, VR. We use Next.JS, Vercel and Django. If you’re all about the frontend or the backend, you can still say hi!)
  • VR-developer (We’re building Naer in Unity. A background from game development, or the creative industry is a plus here.)
  • Visual artist (Here the 3D-modeling and animation skills are core. If you’ve also touched on audio or have experience with design or game design, you’ll blow us away)

If you're interested or have any questions, feel free to reach out!